Posted on January 8, 2015 by Chapter Staff
Originally Published in HAPTA’s e-Newsletter, What’s HAPTAnin’ – January 2015

Thanks to the many PT folks who testified against the proposed Hawaii WC fee schedule changes for 2015.  We finally got word from DLIR Director Dwight Takamine that he will not go forward with the changes, but keep the current fee schedule.

Upcoming changes in 2015:

1)      HMSA Akamai Advantage Plan Changes (higher out of pocket co-payments for patients starting January 1 as well as premium increases)

2)      HMSA will integrate their QUEST program so it will merge QExA and Quest to form “QUEST Integration” and again fee schedules may change for some of you (If you agreed to accept the HMSA Medicaid Fee Schedule),

3)      Medicare Cap goes to $1940 and there are MANY – PQRS Changes

4)      Don’t forget to re-verify coverages in January as SOME patient’s deductibles may re-set on January 1st and some plan changes may take place starting January (especially for patients you see in late December and carry forward to January)


Happy Holidays from your Payer Relations Team,

Shawna Yee and Patti Taira-Tokuuke

Please see the attached documents below.

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