Senator Ronald Kouchi, President has released the 2024 Session’s Leadership and Committee Assignments. These changes include former Senator Gil Keith Agaran’s departure and the appointment of former Representative Troy Hashimoto. Of note, the LBT and WAM Committees have significant leadership changes as well.

House Speaker Saiki sent a memo identifying leadership and committee assignment changes for Representatives, Lisa Marten, Trish LaChica, and Tyson Miyake, who replaced Troy Hashimoto. These changes reflect former Representative John Mizuno’s resignation from the House to become the State Homeless Coordinator.  Once Governor Green appoints a replacement for Mizuno, the House will provide an updated House Leadership and Committee Assignments.

The new 2024 Senate Leadership and Committee Assignment document is now available.



There are a few changes to the 2024 Session Calendar.  These changes are to allow more time for policymakers, the media and advocates to review bills before final votes are made:

New: See April 22 for a “Final Decking” deadline for the budget bill, $19.2 billion. This comes during the second and final week of conference committee meetings. 

New: Recess days are added during the last weeks of the session.  There are no House or Senate Floor Sessions on recess days.