Celebrating KCC’s Pro Bono PT Clinic Opening and getting SPTAs involved in 2019!

Posted on February 6, 2019 by Chapter Staff
Originally Published in HAPTA’s e-Newsletter, What’s HAPTAnin’ – February 2019

I visited Kapiolani Community College (KCC) on 01-30-19 to engage our future PTAs but arrived to find the PTA program celebrating day one of their new pro bono PT clinic. Uninsured patients are seen at no charge by PTs and SPTAs primarily for neuro PT services. This health science department collaborative also involves certified occupational therapy assistant, respiratory therapist, and medical assistant students.

The PTA students were excited that 2019 is the 50th anniversary of PTAs and ready to plan Hawaii’s PTA party. As I offered volunteer opportunities that would contribute to their careers beginning now with HAPTA, I realized these new PT community members are already engaged and just needed to know what was available.

Stay tuned for the launch of an online tool provided by APTA that will include information about volunteer opportunities on the HAPTA level as well as on the APTA level.

Congratulations and mahalo to proactive staff and students at KCC, including Michelle Dela Cruz, PT, Bennett Zazzera, PT, Leona Lin, PT, and Amanda Witko, PT.

Gregg Pacilio
HAPTA President

4 thoughts on “Celebrating KCC’s Pro Bono PT Clinic Opening and getting SPTAs involved in 2019!

  • em

    Congrats on the new venture!

    However, having one of my sons in KCC’s PT program, I’m floored that he can *not* actually gain a PT degree in Hawaii, and must venture to the mainland. Why? Having a complete program here seems like a no-brainer, putting HI on the map for PT as well as being influenced by other positive ‘Eastern & Pacific’ healing techniques (mindfulness, clean eating, etc.. ) for complete, overall wellness seems spot on! Such a program could be a BIG higher ed attraction plus potentially offer a new form of vacation packages to our curious visitors– positively influence so many, globally!

    Hoping Hawaii’s upper ed is heading in this direction, sooner than later!

    • jackiebarry Post author

      Hi there
      Yes, KCC offers a two-year Physical Therapist Assistant degree, rather than the graduate level Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree, a much more rigorous endeavor to offer and to study. You are right, there are no DPT programs in Hawaii, only pre-physical therapy programs such as the one at the University of Hawaii and Manoa, where one can get a bachelor’s degree before going on for graduate level study to get a DPT in order to become a physical therapist.
      Thank you for contacting us!

    • jackiebarry Post author

      Hi Samantha
      You might try contacting the PTA program director at KCC:
      Bennett Zazzera
      Program Director
      Office Kauila 201
      Phone (808) 734-9398
      Fax (808) 734-9126
      E-mail bzazzera@hawaii.edu

      I hope that helps!

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