The Peterson Health Technology Institute released a report on their assessment of virtual musculoskeletal solutions.  The report was posted to their website this month and you can view it in its entirety.

APTA has been engaged in the report and is planning extensive public relations and member communications, including a statement from APTA President Roger Herr which was released  to the media after the assessment was made public.  In addition, a quote from Roger is included within PHTIs press release that they are distributing to media outlets.

The report is in APTA’s review very positive on the value of physical therapy, including that PT-guided virtual musculoskeletal solutions perform the best in PHTI’s assessment framework.   The report also acknowledges the importance of early access to PT and that virtual care could improve access to physical therapy to underserved populations or individuals that would not otherwise access services.

APTA believes this report also outlines future actions, including equitable benefit designs for virtual and in-person care, increased investment in research on virtual care models, and direct access to physical therapy as a preferred model of care delivery to improve patient outcomes and decrease costs.

APTA will initiate a full media / public relations effort beginning tomorrow as well as a member communications plan.  Collaborations have been coordinated on media outreach and APTA has scheduled involvement in multiple live events exploring the contents of the report.