Posted on March 2, 2018 by Chapter Staff
Originally Published in HAPTA’s e-Newsletter, What’s HAPTAnin’ – March 2018

CSM 2018 was such an interesting collection of information and New Orleans was such an interesting host city!

APTA President Sharon Dunn spoke about APTA’s recent successes, like our six percent growth rate – which is double the usual three percent – and surpassing 100,000 members the day after her birthday in August, the Medicare Therapy Cap fix, and this largest conference ever at over 17,000 participants! While HI has not increased membership, we have grown in our legislative approaches and capabilities during the last few years.

APTA CEO Justin Moore described new initiatives like using our association’s size with momentum and a pivot from advocacy on the cap into new directions. Data collection with the PT Outcomes Registry, unity among state chapters, a new building for APTA, and partnerships such as accreditation of PT residencies and fellowships, should excite everyone. The new headquarter building near DC will embody PT by showcasing movement, and increase public exposure as it’s located at the first metro stop out of DC airport and an active public area.

The Hawaii Chapter is pushing into a more defined space within APTA. A talk with our board liaison Jeanine Gunn added positives to the approach for Hawaii legislative strategy, and balanced our efforts to increase membership and provide education. HAPTA can do big things, so we launch out from CSM into 2018, with HAPTA PT Legislative Day on March 12th, spring conference on Kauai in May, and Mary Massery’s breathing course for fall conference. Please continue your support of our profession through this state chapter.

This year at CSM I found the information from the Council of Health Systems meeting to be very pertinent to my rural job in a hospital on Kauai. My wife found her pelvic PT path rewarding, as one of many in so many tracks.

For me, Louisiana taught me that we weather storms to realize better futures. I couldn’t possibly share every lesson from CSM in NOLA, but I suggest you experience CSM yourself next year in Washington DC. Aloha HAPTA members, and thank you.